Hunter Burnette is Denver's newest up-and-coming Singer/Songwriter, focusing in Americana music with strong Blues, Rock and Pop influences. The legendary local artist and Colorado Hall of Fame inductee, Chris Daniels says, "He's got it all; great songs, the look, great performance chops. He is one of the most exciting Americana/Country/Roots songwriters and performers to come out of the West in the past few years." He quickly caught the eye of Denver local – the Fray’s Ben Wysocki. The two began working together in 2017 producing Hunter's first EP, "The Good Life". After its release in early 2018, the two would go on to release another single, "Moment With You", exploring Hunter's lyrical sentiment in a more pop-centric platform. "Combining the raw, authentic nature of Americana music with the groove and joy of Pop tunes is a fun challenge for me as both a writer and a guitar player, and I think that's becoming more and more of what I want to chase down," Burnette says.

Reflecting on his last year, Hunter continues to push forward anticipating 2019 to be his best yet. "2018 has been a great year for me, getting to work with people I respect on a deep level and integrating those folks into part of my sound. It's been an extraordinary privledge, but I don't want to get comfortable with that. There's still a lot more I have to prove in the coming years, and a greater songs to be written.